The tools I use for font examination, modification and building are supplied in source code in the zip file I run them on Linux, but there is no reason not to expect them to work in other operating systems. There are four programs, oft, parse, replace_tables and fix_checksum.

Program oft dumps specified tables. Program parse is a compiler that generates font files. replace_tables transfers font tables from one file to another. Thus, to add new entries to the name table, one can extract the old name table, put its items in the definition of another font, add the wanted name entries, compile and copy the new name table to the original font. Checksums are not generated by the first three programs; they must be generated and applied by fix_checksum. This technique is particularly relevant if the original file has tables not supported by this toolset.

These tools are released under the Version 3 of the GNU General Public License; you may treat them as being released under a later version if you so desire. A plain text copy is included in the zip file as gpl-3.0.txt.

Be warned that I am releasing these tools because I have used them to generate the LKLUG_T font. They have many rough edges, and very limited protection against errors. In part, this is because I intentionally want to be able to specify what is in the font, regardless of whether it is considered a safe thing to do.