Re: (ptk vs bdg)

From: ufnkex
Message: 69069
Date: 2012-03-26

>The result was that Danish was shaped by loan translations from
>German; the German movement to replace Latin, Greek and French
>words was copied, eg import -> einführen -> indføre.

Impressive influence. (Quite similar to the one exerted esp. by
Austrian German on Hungarian. Hungarian consists of zillions of
loan translations from German. Even for such things as "aussehen,
Aufgabe [homework; task], Hausmeister, Aufschneider, Druckerei"...
As well as "Mutter & Vater" for colloquial usage.)

>George: This is how we make fun of the Danes
>Torste: Actually we don't care.
>George: That was a cruel thng to say!