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From: patrick cuadrado
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Date: 2012-03-06

does any links between Germanic * Beron (Bear) and * Bairaz (Boar) = Brown one or Wild one (Ghwer- ?= latin ferus)

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Objet: [tied] Re: Germanic 'bear'
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> You disagree with *what* in the case of Germanic? I think I made it
> clear that I supported the *g^Hwer- 'etymology', though I did not
> consider 'the brown one' a priori absurd, just unlikely for formal
> reasons.
If I understood you well, you said Germanic "replaced" the inherited IE word by another one, is that right? Well, I think it was rather the other way around, that is, it was the IE word which didn't "catch" in Germanic.

> As for Baltic, what do you propose instead?
I proposed a possible link between BS *tla:k- 'bear' and these words:

- Semitic *dalak'/g- ~ *dVk'al- 'marten; wild cat; lynx'
- NEC *dVlVgV 'a small wild animal'
- Altaic *dorVkV 'a k. of badger'