Re: The reason for Caesar's obtaining the two Gauls as province

From: Torsten
Message: 68704
Date: 2012-03-02

--- In, Bhrihskwobhloukstroy <bhrihstlobhrouzghdhroy@...> wrote:
> not "PIE", just "Rest-IE" (different from Restindogermanisch, of
> course!). Whether *kers- meant 'run' or 'horse' is good speculation,
> and nothing forbids that Germanic shows a more archaic meaning. A
> comparison with NEC and Yeniseian is welcome, provided the regularity
> of the correspondences involved. But nothing of this can lead to the
> unduly conclusion that inner-IE relationships are tighter than
> outer-IE ones (I'm translating German "ausserindogermanische
> Verhaeltnisse")

German 'ausser' means "outside of", not "outer". A better translation is "extra-IE" (not that it sounds that great).