Re: Greek tenagos = Skt tadaga ?

From: stlatos
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Date: 2011-05-29

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> It could be just a coincidence, but Skt tadaga-m "pond, lake pool" (origin of word tank), resembles superficially Greek tenagos- "pool, lake". Any chance of a common source?

Yes, they're both < PIE * d.Hen.wr. d.Hen.wn.+ 'curved/bent _ / curved/hollow/sloping part of body / bow / tree to make bows'


thanvarë (nu) thanvano: (g) 'bow'

femur (nu) feminis (g) 'thigh'

thénar 'palm/hollow of altar/seabed'
ténaron (nu) 'palm'
ténagos (nu) 'shallows / shoal-water'

tad.a:ka-s 'tank/pool'
tad.aga-s 'pond'
tat.a:ka-m 'pool'
tat.aka-m 'shore'
tat.a-s\m 'slope/declivity/sloping part of body/shore'
dhánu- \ dhanú:- (f) 'dry sandbank / sandy shore'
dhanvana-s \ dhanvaga-s ' ~fruit tree'
dhánvan- 'bow'

Bur >> Khow
t.s.Honz.òr 'stone bow'

Note the alt. dH / tH / t- and -n / r / g-, among others, both w/in and between. Some of the Skt forms might have been borrowed from another Indo-Ir l.