Re: Imperialism as the source of new geographical knowledge

From: t0lgsoo1
Message: 67620
Date: 2011-05-25

>*****GK: I prefer Lockyear's explanation of Roman denarii being >accepted/hoarded/exchanged (and imitated! Crawford downplays this >last aspect altogether)

It's bad if Crawford downplays Getae/Dacian imitations. This is
perhaps so important, that photos with such coins have been
published for decades even in history school books in Romania,
i.e. it has been popularized in such a way that numerous
non-historian people there know of this aspect.

>as "symbols" of Roman power and authority rather than becoming
>technical exchange media in undeveloped "barbarian" economies.
>"Slaves will always be with you", but Crawford has gone overboard
>with this I'm afraid.*****