Re: Schoeffe I

From: t0lgsoo1
Message: 67352
Date: 2011-04-24

A quotation from a text by Gerard Clauson, 1972 (dealt with Turkic
texts written in the "Orkhonic" semi-runic alphabet):

"_çupan_ - an early word meaning "minor official, village headman" or the like. The earliest occurrences are in Protobulgar IX (?), see Gyula Moravcsik, _Byzantinoturcica_, Budapest, 1943, II, 121 (s.v.
(... [unlikely to the author the relationship ->]...)
"Pe. _çupan_ (sec. f. _şaban/şuban_) "shepherd", (....), and is
sometimes confused with _çolpan_, q.v. Xak. XI (PU),"

[we've already mentioned that: s. Venus]

"çupan "'awn 'arifi'l-qariya" ("the assistant to a village headman")."

But this čupan "awn arifi'l-gariya" is exactly the same as
the one (in Protobulgar inscriptions) the author starts with
in the 1st sentence.

Moreover, this "assistant to a village headman" is exactly the
primeval Slavic-German meaning of the Schoppe/Schuppe/Saupe/Schöffe!
(In medieval German-speaking villages, a 'village headman' was
the Vogt or the Schultheiss, in short: Schulz(e) & (in South-
German lands) Scholz. I assume, in Polish it is spelt szoltys.)

So, the wandering from the Iranian-speaking areas through the Turkic-
speaking and Slavic-speaking ones to the north-westwards is quite
clear. The semantic "enrichment" ("judge") via the Hebrew-Punic-Latin
link (Å¡pt & sft /suffet/) is not as clear...