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From: Joao S. Lopes
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Date: 2010-07-11

I don't know the dates, just that these planets were associated to these deities. It'd interesting to know about Pre-Roman Slavic and Baltic names of planets (if they are known)

JS Lopes

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Very interesting table! Would you know what date approximately was each of these term first encountered? For example can we assign Surya to 1500 B.C i.e Rig Vedic time?


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> Yes, Roman planets-gods equations came from Greece, who took them from
> Babylonia, but the derivation seems a bit confuse.
> Scandinavia-Rome-Greece-Babylonia-India
> Sunna-Sol-Helios-Shamash-Surya
> Mani-Luna-Selene-Sin-Soma
> Tyr-Mars-Ares-Nergal-Mangala
> Odinn-Mercurius-Hermes-Nabu-Budha
> Thorr-Jupiter-Zeus-Marduk-Brhaspati
> Freyja-Venus-Aphrodite-Ishtar-S^ukra
> ?-Saturnus-Kronos-Ninurta-S^ani

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