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From: Arnaud Fournet
Message: 62676
Date: 2009-01-31

Dear all,

Edward J. Vajda, who has been often accused by Arnaud not to realize
that Yeniseian languages are full of Uralic loans,


Apart from the demagogical "dear all",
I would like to state that the issue is not "pro or con Vajda"
The issue is more that Uralic Selqup languages are _known_ to have played a
great role in mid-stream Yenisei River as regards lexical exchanges between
Ugric, Samoyedic and Turcic languages.
In that outlook, it's very strange that Yeniseic should have been immune to
that general "sprach-bund" situation if it's autochthonous.
This is a first unavoidable issue about Yeniseic "homeland".

I've not stated that Yeniseic is "full of" Uralic LWs.
There exists Uralic LWs.
This is another issue to discuss.
The number and semantic fields of these LWs.

It seems you are unable and incompetent when it comes to addressing these


Your wording is nauseating.
Wrong statements and innuendoes.


has actually read
and annotated all the extant literature on Uralic influences on
Yeniseian languages in his book _Yeniseian People and Languages: A
History of Yeniseian Studies with an Annotated Bibliography and a
Source Guide_ (Curzon Press 2002), some portions of which can be
accessed online at

Alas, the great majority of such publications are in Russian, a
language French speakers usually find hard to study and learn
properly -- cp. their "Pouchkine", "LĂ©nine", "Gorbatchev", "Poutine
&c. &c. &c. :^)