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From: Arnaud Fournet
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Date: 2009-01-04

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Now if that *pa:d thing (note the long vowel) in Swedish meant
something like "low-lying land" (and there are many promising cognates
in NWB-land), it could be categorized with all those other words with
labial having to do with water; that might solve the *paĆ¾- "way, path,
road" mystery too.

Note that it's a word in p-, so it's not Germanic, it can't be NWB,


Why is it not NWB ?

Even North Saami has NWB words.
bovttas^ = puffin
balsa = peat / pedel=peel
bupmalas = fulmar
giron = grouse
c^uodja = (water) sound

There's no reason to accept the idea NWB was limited to the western bank of
the Rhine...
That supposed area from Somme to Rhine clearly does not fit the area where
those un-Germanic p- words are distributed.



unless it's imported by someone, and on top of that, according to at
least one of Schmid's examples (Pala vs. Fala)
hydronyms in Scandinavia should be Grimm-shifted.
This is a tough one.