Re: Scandinavia and the Germanic tribes such as Goths, Vandals, Angl

From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2008-11-02

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> > Neither the rivers of Poland nor the rivers of Northern Germany
> > have undergone the Grimm-shift, so that shift, which defines
> > Germanic-ness in languages, must have taken place somewhere else.
> > In Poland, some of them haven't, some have. It doesn't surprise
> > me that e.g. Drwe,ca (= Drewenz, one of the *druwontia: names),
> > was not affected, because it flows through parts of Poland
> > thought to have been inhabited by the Balts in Roman times.

Arriving in former Venetic or Aestian lands from inland, says Okulicz.

> > Some of the evidence is indecisive (e.g. *f from *p would have
> > been replaced with Slavic *p, "undoing" Grimm, because the Slavs
> > had no /f/ phoneme), but there are also a number of names showing
> > the effects of Grimm's Law.
> Potr

Do tell, Fyodor. Is it Tanew again?