Re: Identity of the 'language of geminates'

From: tgpedersen
Message: 60952
Date: 2008-10-16

--- In, "indravayu" <sonno3@...> wrote:
> > Welsh perth is
> > ultimately, it seems, from Lat. pert(ic)a, the Roman surveying
> > instrument par excellence, recall the pertica militaris 'sectioned
> > land allotments as payment deeded (Celtic and Germanic)
> > mercenaries'.
> Perth (aalong with Gaulish Perta) is generally believed to be a
> derivative of Common Celtic *kWerkWo- "oak" (from PIE *perkWo-)

That leaves Jysk perte "beat", pirke:firke "squeeze out", Da. pirke,
dial. perke "to prod" (with un-Germanic p-) unexplained.
Venetic might have had *kW- > *p-, cf NWB pier, pirek, OI cruim, Welsh
pryf "worm" < PIE *kW-r.-mi- and Gmn. pflegen, Pflicht, Engl. play, PI
cluiche "game", cless "weapon trick", clecht "habit", clechtaid "does