Presenting myself

From: Laura Finsterwald
Message: 60926
Date: 2008-10-16

Hello, you all! I hope you're doing fine. I'm very glad that my request for joining this group has been accepted and am eager to follow the threads and learn whatever I may be able to grasp. I'm a 16-year old secondary student from Brazil. I've been achieving my highest grades in Maths, but I am mainly interested in linguistics, even though I don't have much skill for learning languages, I should say. I hope by joining the group I can get to know better this particular branch of studies on linguistics. 
Thank you for accepting my request. I think I am not going to send messages to the group very often because I don't have the knowledge to contribute to the discussions. I promise I'm not going to flood the forum with questions! Now I'm going to take a look at the discussion archive and the website of the group.
Best Regards,