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From: Arnaud Fournet
Message: 60608
Date: 2008-10-06

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>> > So, seven changes in 50,000 years. That's approximately one change
>> > each 7000 years. So Chinese hasn't changed in 7000 years?
>> > Torsten
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>> I don't buy your periodizing method.
>> There is no reason changes should occur at a metronomic pace.
> Well tell me which one you use then. Whichever other 'periodizing'
> method you use, the word will have been unchanged at least once for
> more the 7000 years.
So what,
Icelandic has not changed so much in seven centuries.
Why should everything change ?
Do I have to prove that something can be stable ?

>> This word was already mono-syllabic,
>> It changed less than most other words.
> Do you have special rules which affect only polysyllabic words?
Polysyllabic words suffer from syllabic "cruntch".
There are rules to account for that.