Re: Comparative Notes on Hurro-Urartian, Northern Caucasian and Indo

From: Arnaud Fournet
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Date: 2008-09-25

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>> An aside: The words for "axle" in many IE languages, including
>> the English word and Latin <axis> among others, I assume derives
>> from the root *ag^- "to drive".
> Maybe rather from *ak^-. Compare Sanskrit akS- "pass through,
> penetrate", itself possibly a desiderative of az- "penetrate".
> The axle passes through the centers of its wheels.
> David
Yes, definitely.

Cf. Semitic juz& "axis" from a root j_z_&(ayin) meaning "to go thru".

Hence a very beautiful PIE word with a-mobile :
a-gs-is > aksis "that which goes thru".

The common root is probably *g^_s "go thru".

And a-mobile has nothing to do with whatever substrate.