Re: Etymology of the Italian surname 'Brighenti'

From: Brian M. Scott
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Date: 2008-09-25

At 4:16:58 AM on Thursday, September 25, 2008, tgpedersen

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>> So you've paid no attention to the fact that pre-nasal
>> raising is a natural phenomenon that occurs elsewhere; I
>> know of no evidence that pre-lateral raising of /e/ is
>> natural.

> I hadn't thought of that one.

It's been discussed in this thread.


>>> Nonsense. As you should know, if you have a set you can
>>> define it either by enumeration or by a defining function.
>>> There can be several of those. You use as generating
>>> function the rules you root for, and then you claim it's
>>> just a description.

>> Because it is, of course. A set, mathematical or otherwise,
>> can have more than one description. The description may
>> suggest a particular construction of the set, but it does
>> not in general *entail* a particular construction.

> But that's what you are using in your reasoning. The set
> can be generated this way, therefore it *was* generated
> this way.

I said no such thing. And since I have now made this point
clearly and explicitly more than once, I conclude that you
are deliberately lying or incapable of understanding, and in
either case a waste of my time.