Re: Horses in South India

From: kishore patnaik
Message: 59739
Date: 2008-08-03


Your negationist tendencies are well known.  What you write is a sheer mockery of all accepted norms of truth and logic.
No doubt, you have amassed a good information data base but unfortunately, you are not utilising it at all.

If what you have written in your message # 59326 is not a threat of death, then I don't know
what else could. In any case, it reveals your bad wishes for me and of course, your obstinate
intolerance for truth and discussion.

Very clearly, you have agreed on Ind-Arch that your assertions are wrong in the light of
article, refernce of which I have posted earlier in my original message.

Now coming to my 'pearls', whatever I have posted is always radical and demands you to think out of box. You have never betrayed to think, leave
alone thinking above others.

Please learn to be objective. 

I clearly don;t care for bagwags like you, since you would not be taking the Truth and Logic seriously anyway.

kishore patnaik