Re: Portuguese sapo "toad", akin to Slavic z^aba ?

From: Rick McCallister
Message: 59444
Date: 2008-07-02

It is related to Basque apo, aho (if I remember correctly). I asked Larry Trask and he said it was a toss up whether or not it was original to Basque or whether Ibero-Romance and Basque both got it from a third language. There should be something in the old IE or Nostratic archives on it, or in his History of Basque

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Subject: [tied] Portuguese sapo "toad", akin to Slavic z^aba ?

The Portuguese word for toad is "sapo" whose origin is unknown, usually seen as Pre-Roman. There was attempts to relate it to Greek se:ps, to Basque and another possibilities.

I think sapo is very similar to Slavic z^aba. The word could be IE, but from where? Ligurian? Lusitanian?

PIE *gWe:bH- - Germanic quabbe Dutch kwabbe Latin bu:fo:n- (<*gWo:bH?) Salvic z^aba Albanian
zhabë (< *Slavic?)

JS Lopes

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