Re: Magyars before Hungary (was: Hachmann versus Kossack?)

From: Rick McCallister
Message: 57267
Date: 2008-04-14

--- Richard Wordingham <richard@...>

. . .
> And there are certainly books which deny that there
> are archaeological
> traces of the Magyars before they reach Hungary,
> e.g. 'Hungarians and
> Europe in the Early Middle Ages: An Introduction to
> Early Hungarian
> History' by Andras Rona-Tas. I don't think Arnaud
> is denying that
> their arrival can be seen in the archaeological
> record.
> Richard.
I've read that Magyar "runes" have been found in
Ukraine. I've also read that the Magyars appear in
various chronicles, including in Arabic before they
arrived in Hungary. Given the location of Magyars's
closest congeners and this trace along a straight line
between Hungary and the Urals, that should settle it.

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