Re: Origin of *marko- (was: Hachmann versus Kossack?)

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 57261
Date: 2008-04-13

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>> The Asian words in *mor- apparently related to *marko are another
>> matter - though I always liked the idea of Thai maa_453 'horse' being
>> one of that language's oldest Germanic loanwords!

> Get ready to like it's a loanword of Asiatic origin.

> Chinese ma3 supposes -?- in there.
> Baxter has *mra? for example.

> Mongolian morong
> Burmese mrang
> rGyarong mbro
> QueYu bre13
> AChang mzang
> DaiWa mjang
> Nusunu mre55
> Bai ma33
> TuJia ma55

You'd've done better form most of these just to quote
Proto-Tibeto-Burman *m-rang, *s-rang. The first form seems to have
seen some etymologising as being from PTB *mrang 'high'. (The final
nasal has been analysed as a suffix, but I'm not sure what the
evidence for that is.) So so far it just seems to be Mongolian that
argues for original /o/.

Incidentally, I'd rather relate Old Chinese _k'iw&n_ 'dog' to PTB
*kW&y than to a PIE form.