Re: Hachmann versus Kossack?

From: tgpedersen
Message: 57220
Date: 2008-04-13

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> > > > GK: There seems to be no consensus amongst
> > > > linguists as to the time frame of the initiation and
> > > > spread of the Grimm shift.
> I think there is at least an emerging consensus. But we might ask
> cybalist if anybody thinks the Grimm shift took place at some other
> time than 1st century BCE?
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> I think the Grimm Shift was finished when proto-Germanic spread
> What are the reasons to think otherwise ?
The river names Tilia, Tamera and Tenera or Tanara, now Du. Dyle,
Demer and Dender, and the city name Turnacum Tornacus, Fr. Tournay,
Du. Doornijk (older Dorneke). Intermediate forms with Th- are
documented in three of those cases: Thilia, Thenra and Thornaco.
Meid has a example of Scandinavian Grimm-shifted river names with
cognate Baltic non-shifted ones, but can't find it now.

I think the Grimm-shift in the expanding Germanic was a shibboleth
against their para-Germanic cousins, possibly inspired by originally
Iranian-speakers among them.