Re: Not "catching the wind " , or, what ARE we discussing?

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Date: 2008-04-13

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The cat itself might come from Africa, but looking for the word there
is a dead end. None of the three Coptic words for 'cat', including
the one used in the Coptic version of the Epistle of Jeremiah,
resembles <catta> at all. My best guess is that Latin <catta> in
both its senses, 'certain Pannonian bird (the wagtail?)'
and 'domestic cat', is borrowed from Messapic (or related Illyro-
Japygian) *katta, a hypocoristic form of a compound whose first
element *katt- is cognate with Lat. <quassus> 'shaken', and whose
second (unidentifiable) element means 'tail' or 'rear end', the
compound meaning 'having a shaken tail' or 'shaking its tail', much
like Greek <ailouros> 'waving-tailed'. It is near my bedtime, so
details of this hypothesis will follow later.

Douglas G. Kilday

Mr. DGK,

-dead end- !?

Coptic is not all AA family.

Arabic has qat.u for cat.
From Arabic, we can infer there existed some PAA word like *qat.u,