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From: Patrick Ryan
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Date: 2008-03-27

Absolutely correct, Torsten.


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> ============
> I suppose my assessment of PIE and PU
> is no surprise.
> I have already stated that I think PIE studies
> have a strong central-PIE bias,
> whereby supposedly PIE reconstructions are
> often pre-central-PIE reconstructions.
> The worst example of that bias is probably
> M. Carrasquer Vidal's theory of Pre-PIE vowels.
> A central PIE innovation projected in the past
> of PIE common stage !! Wow.
> As regards PU, the situation is worse than with PIE
> because standard uralicists work *without*
> any methodology and Finnish look-alike
> reconstructoids are held to be PU proto-forms.
> My wording taken from the German Hymn
> describes my judgment about Finnish reconstructoids
> People obsessed with autochthony at all costs
> (we got some dark-siders from India)
> are suspect, I want
> N--ot
> S--o
> D--ark
> A
> P--roto-Uralic
> This is my point of view.
NSDAP? Why don't you come right out and say what you mean?'s_law