Re: Latin -idus as from dH- too => and the accent of Grk. *dHugh2ter

From: alexandru_mg3
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Date: 2008-03-16

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> Marius

Coming back to *dHugh2te'r

The Skt. kept the original accent : in dhuhita'r unchanged
BUT shows us the aspiration of g > gH > h

II. The Greek on the other side has changed the accent position in
an 'unusual' way : tHuga'te:r (-> I said 'un-usual' because in pate':r
the original accent remains unchanged)

So I don't see any other cause for the change of the accent position in
Greek tHuga'te:r BUT the Same Aspiration of g => *dHu-gHV(h2)-
trigerred by the vocalzied laryngeal => this aspiration atracted next
the accent from the next syllable

Due to the fact that having 2 aspirated consonants, with the first
one in an open syllable: dHu-gHV(h2)-(t'Vr)
(please try each of you to see that something like this cannot be
well pronounced having the accent on the third syllable)
=> so the second aspirated consonant was difficult (if not
impossible) to be pronounced with aspiration without at least to have
the stress on it: dHu-gH'V(h2)-tVr
(try again now to see that you can do it)

IV. Next, even having the stress, the aspiration of the second
consonant was retracted later.
=> BUT the trace of the ancient aspiration remains there: is the new
accent position of in this word
(Regarding the reduction of aspirated consonants: Greek (but also
Skt.) shows us a lot of examples in which words & compounds, having two
aspirated consonants having the same pattern as dHu-gHVh-, have reduced
one of them).

V. The same issue of dHu-gHV- was solved by Indo-Iranian PIE dialect
in a different way: BY CLOSING the initial syllable dHug- => so by
separating the aspirated part from the non-aspirated one dHug-Hi-ta'r
=> this resyllabification has allowed to the Indo-Iranian PIE dialect
to keep the original accent position unchanged.


P.S.: So 'our specialists' here needs to account too for the change of
accent position in the Greek form of dHugh2ter too
=> before to talk about 'how late' this aspiration took place....