Re: Latin -idus as from dH- too

From: fournet.arnaud
Message: 55113
Date: 2008-03-13

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From: alexandru_mg3

> Piotr

The predicted verbal adjectives are from some verbs isn't it?

The Latin stative verb that I know here is rube:re < *h1rudH-eh1-

I) if you try to tell me: that Latin ru:bidus (with long u:) can be
derived from the verb rube:re < *h1rudH-eh1- adding a -to => this is
for sure false.



Supposing PIE already had
*H1r_w-dh- as a possible verb,

Stative is *H1r(o)w-dh-eH1-

Then out of that,
with stress on -t?-o
you have
hence *Hrudh°do
hence LAtin

Where is the problem ?

It's linear.