Re: Fournet on PIE Morphology and Root Structure (was: S mobile)

From: tgpedersen
Message: 53647
Date: 2008-02-18

> The so-called AN "Laryngeals" (I. Dyen's term, actually) were at that
> time rather ill-defined and mysterious, based mainly on poorly known
> Taiwanese languages where the reflexes seemed to be very mixed; with
> improved data from Taiwan over the years, they're now assumed with
> pretty good reason to have been 1.*q (uvular stop, which > /?/ in
> Philippine langs., with which Kelabit probably subgroups, or often >
> /h/, as in Malay), 2. *h (then written *S, > /h/ in Phil., mostly lost
> everywhere else), and a recently proposed 3. *? (glottal stop, still a
> bit uncertain).

I've seen a reconstruction like PAN duSa "two". Would that now be
PAN *duha?