Re: Druhyus

From: kishore patnaik
Message: 52210
Date: 2008-02-03


They must be crazy.
- typical reaction to OOI theories but not every thing is rubbish in OOI theories.

> Interestingly, the word Druh also has a meaning priest, like in
> Asuradruh (Sage Sukra) from which the word Druid (the Celtic
> seems to have been derived.
- the practical dictionary of sanskrit mentions the meaning I have given ! It is available online

Where in the Indian scriptures are the Celts mentioned?


Celts are not mentioned in Indian scriptures, at least so far as I know ! but Celts mention the name of Danu, the mother of Daanavas in their mythology as an important character.

Now,  Can you please suggest why do you think druh could not have been related to druids? At least, it has more phonetic semblence to druids than trees or truth.
Kishore patnaik