Re: PIE *ghe(n)d

From: afyangh
Message: 51044
Date: 2007-12-30

> Peter Schrijver
> Lost Languages in Northern Europe
> has a "language of geminates"
> called so since roots from it show a
> variation "of the final root consonant which may be single or double,
> voiced or voiceless, and prenasalised".
> He compares a reconstructed Pre-Proto-Germanic (pre-Grimm, pre-
> Verner) *kant- "hand" with Proto-Finno-Ugric *käti- (Finnish 'käsi')
> and observes that with the phonemic latitude given by the "language
> of geminates" the gloss might belong to that language. Add further
> the gH/k alternation found in some IE roots (from which language?
> Möller uses that alternation a lot in his (I suppose) IE-AfrAs common
> loanwords) and we're getting there. (But we don't even have to do
> that, "voiced or voiceless" Schrijver said).
Uralic kom-t is widespread throughout all Uralic domain,
Samoyedic is conspicuous for having any of "five, hand, ten" meanings.
It's quite clear this word has nothing to do with "that geminate
inception" and this is a clear Uralic inherited word.