Re: Cimbri Name = the thieves

From: tgpedersen
Message: 50474
Date: 2007-11-03


Fyn (Funnen) :
the Danish name is Fyn, traditionally, in English it's Funen
Slallerup : must be Skallerup
Jensovice : Jenisovice?
Phahlbau : must be Pfahlbau
'There does not appear to be a summary or abstract in English so it is
difficult to assess the degree of importance of this and other work,
only available in Danish, to the present research.' :
Maybe I shouldn't comment this
Hedeliskaer : ?
Dejdjerg : Dejbjerg
Praestegardmos : Præstegårdsmose
Djebjerg : Dejbjerg
Skattigat/Scattigat :
appears to be a conflation of the names of Skagerrak and Kattegat
Lejde : Lejre
Tattare of Halland, Sweden (a former Danish region) :
Sw. tattare, Da. tatere are not associated with any particular
region in Scandinavia.
Gudame : Gudme
"There is, however, near Randers the "Hundred of Harz"." :
He must mean the Hads herred, south of Aarhus (?)
Hjerring : Hjerting
Milillati : Mikillati

"After the yearbooks from Fulda to the year 852 the resin gau [low
mountains] by the Haruden and called after them the Harudengau
[Harudorum pagus) was inhabited. Harud, from which hard, hard, became
resin, means forest, forest mountains, and the Haruden is on or
inhabitants of the Harud"

It is difficult to recover what this text once said. I suspect it's
machine translated from German, since the "resin" of the text would
have been 'Harz' in German. Maybe it was once:

'According to the annals of Fulda of the year 852 the Harzgau was
populated by the Haruden, and called Harudengau [...] after them.
Harud, whence hart, hard, became harz, meaning forest, forest
mountains and the Haruden are people in or from the Harz Mountains'