Re: [tied] Re: Renfrew's theory renamed as Vasco-Caucasian

From: Rick McCallister
Message: 50084
Date: 2007-09-26

It's something I read years ago. It may have been
Bomhard, but I've seen it mentioned several times in
postings on the old Nostratic list. I think someone
also cited Joanna Nichols and the gist was that both
IE and Kartvelian were once east of the Caspian and
that there was an intervening language between them
that accounted for wanderworts that didn't quite match

--- "Daniel J. Milton" <dmilt1896@...> wrote:

> --- In, Rick McCallister
> <gabaroo6958@...> wrote:
> > Regarding Georgian --from what I've read,
> Kartvelian
> > arrived in the Southern Caucasus c. 2000 BC from
> > somewhere to the east.
> Rick, can you recall what you read and where?
> Aside from being part
> of a putative Dene-Caucasian grouping, I wasn't
> aware of evidence of
> Kartvelian arriving from anywhere at any specific
> time.
> Dan

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