Re: [tied] NWB

From: indravayu
Message: 49938
Date: 2007-09-17

> A.F :
> Bretons began emigrating into (France) Bretagne after year 500 AD,
> at a time, when Roman Empire was finished.
> In fact, any Celtic language probably was wiped out for about a
> century between the end of Gaulish, with 400 AD as the most
> optimistic datation, and 500 AD, for the start of Breton invasion.

See "The British Settlement of Brittany" by Phillipe Guigon, Bernard
Merdrignac & Pierre-roland Giot (Tempus, 2003) - the authors suggest
that Britons were already settling in Armorica during the 4th c. AD.

- Chris Gwinn