Re: [tied] Renfrew's theory renamed as Vasco-Caucasian

From: fournet.arnaud
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Date: 2007-09-17

supposedly *Hekwos  :
LAtin equus ok
Gaulish epo- ok
Greek : ikkos, hikkos
should be etos (attic) or epos (dorian)
Conclusion : Totally F... up.
Hittite : obviously an Iranian loanword.
Sanscrit : ashvas
should be akas.
Won again...
Have you ever heard about Phonetic Correspondances
as the founding principle of Comparatism ?
Please read your Classics for Epistemological reference.
This word is a shame on the face of Indo-Europeanists.
 "It shows every sign of being
inherited from PIE." : Every sign of being not.
Next :
supposedly a cognate limited to Celtic and Germanic.
Looks healthy.
Is worth no good.
Asiatic languages for Mongolian to Chinese to Burmese
point toward -o- as the vowel in this word : "horse"
*mor is the first step toward reconstruction
Next step : Chinese Mandarin is third tone : ma3
=> hence glottal stop final.
so the reconstruction should be *mor-?-
that is PIE equivalent : *mor-H2-
We need a language within PIE where o > a
and r-H2-k > r-k with no vocalic traces.
I suggest proto-Germanic as a good candidate
and this is one more indication
that Germanic was in a very eastern position.
between Asiatic languages and European languages.
All this neolithic data amount to nothing at all.
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> Most "neolithic" words in PIE are limited geographically and don't
even pass phonological controls : Cf. the absurd Hekwos horse : this
word is obviously not a cognate but a wanderwort, with huge phonetic

But what tell-tale irregularities? It shows every sign of being
inherited from PIE.