Re: Nantu

From: Anders R. Joergensen
Message: 49742
Date: 2007-09-01

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> Specifically, *nanto- could be from *nm-to-. And a
> valley is a kind of bend in the earth's contour.
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> A.F :
> It is *nantu-
> FRench city : Nantua < *nantu-a in the Alps.
> How can *nantu be derived from *nm-to- ?
> Please explain phonetic details.

There's nothing unexpected about it.

The syllabic nasals, *n. and *m. develop into *an, *am in Celtic. The
assimilation mt > nt is also as expected, cf. *k' > *kanto-

nantu- seems perfectly acceptable as a Celtic word. It occurs in
British Celtic as well (W, Bret. nant, OCorn. nans).