Re: [tied] Are Russian infinitival verbs inflected for person, numb

From: Andy Howey
Message: 46427
Date: 2006-10-20

I'm not a native speaker, but I spent a fair amount of time learning Russian.  No, it is not inflected (or conjugated).  It is an infinitive, which, as far as I understand, by definition, is not conjugated or declined.  It would be the same in English or German:
The professor asked (his) assistant _to read_ "his" report. 
Der Professor hat seinen Assistenten gebeten, "seinen" Bericht zu lesen.
Andy Howey

Ray <ray28238317@...> wrote:

Is there any native speaker of Russian here? If so, please tell me
whether the infinitival verb "prochitat" is inflected for person,
number, etc. in the following sentence.

1. Professor poprosil assistenta prochitat svoi doklad.

I'd appreciate your help.