A little aid with some Hittite

From: C. Darwin Goranson
Message: 45975
Date: 2006-09-05

I've written a piece for my university choir in Hittite. The original
text is at least the beginning to a dirge sung by Hittite soldiers, in
the hope of being buried at home beside their family:

Nesas waspes nesas waspes
tiyamu tiya
Numu uwas-mas katta arnut
tiyamu tiya
numu annas-mas katta arnut
tiyamu tiya

The approximate translation may be something like

Shrouds/clothes of Nesa, shrouds/clothes of Nesa,
put me, put (i.e. bind me, bind OR dress me, dress)
Take me down to where my mother lies (VERY rough translation)
put me, put,
Take me down to where my ancestors lie,
put me, put.

or the common translation

Shrouds of Nesa, shrouds of Nesa,
Bind me, bind!
Take me down to [burial with] my mother,
Bind me, bind!
Take me down to [burial with] my forefathers,
Bind me, bind!

I think the fragment this is on is BO 632, also known as BoTO 2, 14B,
also known as KBO 3 41. However, NOWHERE have I seen a translation of
this tablet. If such a translation exists, then I might be able to
learn how it was performed and accompanied.

Already, I have some suspicions about the performance style, but they
are only that, SUSPICIONS. I think, from my reading on the subject,
that this was sung by soldiers under Great King Hattusas just before a
Hurrian attack. What's certain is that Nesa was the Hittite capital at
that time. What is POSSIBLE is that the soldiers were singing their
hope to be buried with their predeceased ancestors should they fall in
this battle.
Would I be able to have a little aid in getting more information, please?