Re: nobba in swedish

From: symmakhos
Message: 45410
Date: 2006-07-18

Though nobba is active in sense, "turn down" etc. I wonder if the
noun "nobben" is not actually older than the adj, in the expression "få
nobben". Related to "få korgen"? ("Get the basket" = get turned down,
according to some medieval custom).

--- In, Carl Hult <datalampa@...> wrote:
> We have a word in swedish, nobba, which means "get turned down, being
> shown the door, get stood up" with other meanings as well, all of
> bad for one self. The problem is that no dictionary can give an
> explanation for the word. I have looked at the english expression hob
> nob but even if the etymology of that word is somewhat fitting
to "my"
> word I feel uneasy over that connection.
> Is there a romany word for this which means the same because we have
> about 100 words in swedish from romany, many of them from criminal
> slang. I´d be very thankful for any suggestion and/or answer you can
> give me.
> Carl Hult