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From: Cyrus Parsi
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Date: 2006-02-17

Dear all,

While it may be assumed to be wrong to oversimplistically equate RACE with
LANGUAGE as a hard and fast general rule, especially since the modern ages
of widespread migrations, cross-cultural and cross-racial intermarriages
in newly founded countries based on melting pots like in America (South and
North alike),
not to mention the distant effects of linguistic
acculturation/deculturation/imperialism (whatever one shall call it)
bequeathed down from the colonial eras of ancient (i.e. forced latinizing
and racial intermingling imposed on Roman conquered provinces) and modern
times (European colonial empires),
one must not deny the obvious fact that there has always been a strong
RACE and LANGUAGE, as has amply been proven not only by genetics (exploring
the genotypes),
but also more evidently simply by the phenotypes (outward racial
appeareance) of Indo-Europeans:
e.g. there are striking similitudes in the facial features of many Northern
Indians, Persians and Europeans,
attesting to an Indo-European common ancestry.

Besides, to harp back on an old, if not corny, cliché, blue-eyed
fair-skinned Nordic-looking Persians or Indians with typically European
facial bone structures are infinitely more numerous than you would think...

Just as a reminder, when Prof. Victor Mair somewhat pompously announced
(back in 1997) the long-awaited results of Mitchrondrial DNA analysis
performed by Prof. Paolo Francalacci on Xinjiang mummies sample tissues
(while Prof. Cavalli-Sforza had defected from the scientific team that had
been sent to China), confirming their PURELY Indo-European (possibily
ancient Tokharian or Persian) origins, someone in the audience stood up and
naively exclaimed :
"Why did we have to wait so long to learn what we already knew by the very
look of these mummies?".
Well the answer may well be that sceptics need scientific proof more than
Science itself...



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> > Is it well documented what the original Indo-Europeans looked like.
> Don't confuse race with language. Even if we could recover what some
> original race looked like, there is nothing to stop other races speaking
> same language.
> Peter
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