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From: Patrick Ryan
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Date: 2006-02-13

We will call that Pavel's gavel.
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Subject: Re: [tied] Re: [Nostratic-L] Re: Why are Indo-Europeanist opposed to a "proto-language"

> If you only want to learn what is the general _belief_ among IEists,
> why do you not simply read the standard texts: like Beekes?

One of the reasons is that there is not much of these serious texts
available on-line; or are they?

> And if you left the list, how would that affect anything since,
> to my knowledge, you have made NO useful contribution?

IMO it is better to make NO useful contribution
than to make lot of useless contribution.
It takes some time to delete all this off-topic garbage,
even if I now know whose messages to delete before reading.