Re: [Nostratic-L] Re: Why are Indo-Europeanist opposed to a "proto-

From: Christopher Culver
Message: 43392
Date: 2006-02-13

"Patrick Ryan" <proto-language@...> wrote:
> After waiting a suitable period (3-4 days), I plan to proceed to a second
> step: to show actual reflexes of ?A in three or more derived languages:
> Egyptian/Arabic, and Sumerian, the three of which some on the Cybalist
> hold to be unrelated.

The rules of the Cybalist group clearly say that discussion is to be
limited to the Indo-European family and should not engage in macrofamily
theories. Please stop doing this. You are slowly driving away at least
this member from what used to be a productive list before you started
posting all these irrational pet theories instead of what the academy

If someone could, off-list, let me know about any forum similar to this
but made up of professional linguists and serving to guide students into
the mainstream of the field, I would be grateful.

Christopher Culver