Re: [tied] Re: pre-Nostratic *male[:]k?xa, 'milk (vb.)'

From: Brian M. Scott
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Date: 2006-02-13

At 6:21:19 PM on Sunday, February 12, 2006, mkelkar2003

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>>> Despised as Ruhlen may be by at least some Cybalisters,
>>> one of his better-looking roots is "MALIQ'A "to suck(le),
>>> nurse, breast", with exemplars from (besides the IE and AA
>>> of Patrick's posting) Uralic, Dravidian, Eskimo-Aleut,
>>> Caucasian and Amerind. Dan

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> Of the 35 most basic word vocabulary PIE and OC have 23%
> cognates. That is too many for a chance occurence.

This is a non sequitur. It's also obviously incorrect:
apart from a tiny handful of possible borrowings, there are
*no* known cognates, since OC is not known to be related to
PIE at all. Presumably you mean that 23 items are
superficially similar. I suggest that you read the articles
by Mark Rosenfelder the Piotr mentioned in the Cybalist post
that I cited.