Sanskrit on the steppes?

From: george knysh
Message: 43370
Date: 2006-02-11

Refresh your memory by re-reading the following
cybalist posts from October 2001:

10226, 10241, 10252, 10269, 10273.

I have scanned Kulbaka's page on the Artemivsk pot,
and uploaded it to the "Stryzhak album" in the photo
I've not encountered any further specific information
in the meantime.
If this is genuine, I would be inclined to see it as a
relic of some migrant from (or traveller to)India. The
latest possible date for this "Zrubna culture" pot
would be ca. 800 BC (thus not only pre-Scythian, but
also pre-Cimmerian.) Pontic-Indo-Aryans certainly
contributed to the Zrubna culture, since it
incorporated many elements of the prior local
Multiroller culture (considered to be Indo-Aryan).

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