Reconstruction of yaj-, hag-

From: Sean Whalen
Message: 43365
Date: 2006-02-11

Though I believe that PIE gained *a in various ways
besides e/o by H2 the root *yag^- "worship" has a
different interpretation.

I reconstruct H2i-H2àg^- with 0-grade H2ì-H2g^- to
account for:

H2i-H2àg^- H2ì-H2g^-
H2iH2àg^- H2ìH2g^-
H2iH2àg^- H2ì:g^-
iàg^- ì:g^-
yàg^- ì:g^-

With yàg^- to Skt. yaj- "worship, sacrifrice" and
Greek hágios "holy"
ì:g^- to Skt. i:jitum "to worship, sacrifrice", the
irregular infinitive of yaj- (also regularized as

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