Re: [tied] Re: searching for common words for all today's languages

From: Brian M. Scott
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Date: 2006-02-09

At 6:08:51 PM on Sunday, February 5, 2006, mkelkar2003

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>>> Greenberg's work on AmeriInd family is well accepted by
>>> linguists [...]

>> No, it isn't.

> Have you found the "Indo-Iranian" and an "Italo-Celtic"
> and a Balto-Slavic gene yet?

> "LUIGI CAVALLI-SFORZA: When we took all the (genetic) data
> from American natives, they clearly fell into three
> classes, and they correspond exactly to the linguistic
> families that have been postulated by Greenberg."

Cavalli-Sforza is not a linguist. (Cavalli-Sforza has in
fact demonstrated rather startling linguistic ignorance.)

[snip more non sequitur]