Re: Piotr Gasiorowski

From: Andrew Jarrette
Message: 41315
Date: 2005-10-13

Piotr, I am daring to write this even though I am not sure whether this kind of thing is welcome or permitted in this group.


I just always wanted to say that I find it unbelievably impressive that you, a Pole (if my recollection of your autobiographical notes on other websites is correct), know as much as you do about English, more than any Englander or North American save perhaps five, at least as it comes across.  I have always found it very remarkable how a comparatively high number of educated Europeans seem to know English perfectly, and on top of this you know its history and vocabulary to an extent that is unmatched by virtually every native speaker.  I really have to hand it to you.


But I hope I am not too Anglocentric or Anglo-biased.  I am aware of your and other Europeans' vast knowledge of many languages, European and other, and I don't know whether you have any more interest in English than say Vietnamese.  But if you do have an interest in English, is there any way I can find out why you do?