Re: 3rd Slavic palatalization [was: Are hares grey? [was: ka and k^

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 41045
Date: 2005-10-05

willemvermeer wrote:

> Note in this context that progressive palatalizations are less
> frequent than the common or garden type of palatalization of velars
> followed by front vowels. For that reason beginning linguists tend to
> be unaware of them and uneasy with them. Rules that strongly resemble
> the Slavic Progressive Palatalization have been reported for some
> Andi languages of the Caucasus, notably Tindi and Godoberi.

There have been progressive palatalisations in the history of Germanic
as well. For example, OE g was palatalised _after_ as well as before
front vowels, hence way, day < weg, dæg; note even the distribution of
velar and palatal "ch" in Modern German (or Old and Middle English), and
the conspicuous palatalisation of the velar in <egg>, <leg>, etc. in the
"drawling" accents of the American South.