Re: [tied] *kW- "?"

From: glen gordon
Message: 40161
Date: 2005-09-20

> And this later palatalization occurs just
> accidentally in the 'dog' and 'horse' word among
> others? Oh come oooon...

Clearly you don't get this. First, please open your
mind for a moment and imagine the IE area as a whole
on a map. Now imagine a _subset_ of that area which
we will call "Satem". Within this area, all instances
of plain *k have become palatal *c^. If the Anatolian
dialect we call "Luwian" also decides to palatalize
*k to *c^ because it lies _within_ this Satem area,
then palatalization is a one-time event for *all*
dialects that show it.

So nothing occurs "accidentally". It is a single
event occuring in a single geographical area.

> But you seem to be forgeting that the 'regular'
> satem-languages [...]

I'm forgetting nothing. You're just misunderstanding
what I'm saying. I'm simply replacing *k^-k-*kW with
*k-*q-kW. *Everything* is still the same. *Everything*
is already explained as always.

= gLeN

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