[tied] PIE *y > Alb. /z/ (was Re: Romanian Verb )

From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 38661
Date: 2005-06-16

Jens wrote:
>I do not know what vet- is (vetë 'person', def. veta; vete 'own
>person, one's self', def. vetja). Due to the use as a reflexive
>pronoun one thinks of course of IE *swe-, but in what derivational
>form? And with what development of the initial? The unconditioned
>development of *sw- is Alb. d- (via *s^v > *z^v > *dz^v > *dv >
>d ?), but if there was a reduced form the reflex of s- could perhaps
>end up being zero in the cluster; cf. also the enclitic <u>. But as
>long as the word-formation of vet- is obscure we cannot use the
>example as an argument for or against anything.

Jens, sorry here, but: PIE *sw > PAlb. *w
(or PIE *s/w > PAlb. zero)

I don't know any example of PIE *sw > Alb. d. There isn't such a
rule in Albanian. Could you give us an example here?

Best Regards,
Marius Alexandru

P.S. : Regarding PIE *au, I agree with you : PIE *au > Alb. a