Re: But where does *-mi come from?

From: tgpedersen
Message: 38624
Date: 2005-06-14

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> Some nominal and verbal suffixes are identical, as Alscher has
> e.g.
> locative *-i and primary *-i
> dative *-ei and middle *-oi
> 'locative' *-r and middle *-r
> [endingless locative and secondary?]
> Latin has a "double ablative", a dependent construction where a
> subject and a past pasticiple (*-tó-) of its verb are given ablative
> endings. Similar constructions exist in OCS (with dative) and
> (several cases). Perhaps such a dependent construction is the origin
> of the mi-conjugation?

You don't have to use the ppp in Latin, present participle in *-ónt
will do. And if one has
locative thematic *-oi and primary *-ónti
you get *-oi > Latin -i: ; voila, nom. pl.