Re: [tied] Root of "marten," "sable"

From: Joao S. Lopes
Message: 37865
Date: 2005-05-14

I know Germanic is surely centum, k>h, no palatalization. But I just sugesting a different view: if there was first a palatalization, and later a shift s^>x (like Old Spanish>Modern Spanish).
Joao SL 

"C. Darwin Goranson" <cdog_squirrel@...> escreveu:
--- In, "Joao S. Lopes" <josimo70@...> wrote:
> Or Perhaps Germanic was originally Satem? k^>s^>X>h ?

--- In, "Joao S. Lopes" <josimo70@...> wrote:
> stoat < *stait- <*stoid, akin to Greek ktis, iktis "weasel"? *k(s)tid- ?

I'm going to hope your responses are meant in seriousness.

hundred/hundert > hund > khund > k@... (@ = schwa). It's a centum
one. The PIE is kh'mtom, if my memory serves me right.

As for the stoat hypothesis, it seems a bit of a stretch. If *stoid
were the root, mightn't "stolid" arise from it? THAT's possible, but
to tie it to Greek seems unlikely, considering the differences between
the two in the Indo-European continuum (that is, they share
comparitively few words save for general ones arising from PIE).
Hwever, if other languages uphold *kstid-, it could be so.

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