Re: [tied] Root of "marten," "sable"

From: Joao S. Lopes
Message: 37862
Date: 2005-05-14

Or Perhaps Germanic was originally Satem? k^>s^>X>h ? 

"C. Darwin Goranson" <cdog_squirrel@...> escreveu:
--- In, "Joao S. Lopes" <josimo70@...> wrote:
> This relation between Germanic *harman (OE hearma=OHG harmo) and
Lithuanian s^ermuo resembles that between Germanic helmaz "helmet" and
Lithuanian s^almas/ Slavic slemU.
> Did they reflect a common PIE source (*k^-), or a loan from German
to Baltic? If it was a loan, how to explain *x > s^ ?

Mighn't kh' have potentially given rise to both? The Germanic might
lose its palatal nature, while the Balto-Slavic could make the simple
shift from kh' to sh'. This is just theorizing, mind you, and I could
be entirely off track!

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